"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." - Charles Mackay
Monday, April 04, 2005
Freedom of Speech
Fuck America. Kill all People who aren't like me. Women are hoes!

These phrases might be disturbing but are protected under the only fundamental principle which make's America's democracy somewhat superior to that of ancient Greece and Rome's. for the concept of Free speech means that all citizens arenot only are allowed to have an opinion on the state of their countrys wellbeing and/or decisions. They are actually encouraged to have their own opinion, even if it goes against the government. Thats why both Malcolm X and David Duke are both figures of of historical improtance to different types of people, for different types of things.

So what has happened to this beloved belief of free speech, which at times was so powerful a force in America, people were willing to enlist in the Army during times of war in order to protect it. was it destroyed, defeated, outsourced, or maybe just marginalized. No it was forgotten. or maybe better interpreted as, misplaced by America's younger Generations as they got caught up in pipe dreams of joining the upper class in their lifestyle of the rich and spoiled.

Now instead of fighting the good fight as older generations had to maintain self autonomy (which is best exemplified by free speech.) the current generation of followers (aka fools) seem more than happy to spend their time dancing the night away to whatever whitewashed single that is on top the MTV music charts. with no modern day interpretation of " those who forget their past or doomed to repeat it" many people cannot fathom the obvious reprecussions of all the economic instability and overspending our current federal governement is doing in their crazy gambit for empire hood. For they are playing a dangerous game. Last time America tried to force its way into becoming an empire too quickly we suffered the great depression. a depression which occurred after the economic mecca that was called the "roaring twenties" so blinded were our great grandparents to the stupidity and greed of their leaders they had to live through hell for over a decade which was only ended by the loss of their children to WWII.

So the question then arises what are the modern day way's in which free speech is neglected. Well Eminem is a perfect example. While his lyrics were obviously homophobic the continual pressure to change to the mainstream non-threatening POV of willful neglect forced him to change his public persona from angry white boy ( with a need for exceptance from the black community) to maestro of expressing white liberal guilt (which he should feel especially since he is just a modern day Elvis)

Now I here protest has forced reggae act to change anti homophobic as well (which i feel they should change since these songs do in fact call for violence against gays.) But how I feel doesn't matter. No one's opinion matters since all dialogue and/or expression is free for public display and cunsumption thanks to freedom of speech. once people remember this we can once again start to practice being a democratic republic.

-R J Noriega
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