"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." - Charles Mackay
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Hip Hop Nerds
In high school being labeled a Nerd was a term of detriment to ones social existence. It meant you read books on physics and chemistry and liked all those things which by high school definition was just naturally a repellent to girls. Now that I am older though i have to admit (with some chagrin) I am a nerd. No I am not trying to still Pharell and Hugo's demized spotlight (though they should of stuck with quasi-rap songs). No I am a RAP Nerd! I like Rakim (no homo), I like Nas (no homo), and i like Jean grey (though she wont return my calls. So now sadly i am way out of the loop, because way too many rap fans have stopped being Nerds and join the masses of mainstream rap jocks.

What are the signs you ask? Well the first sign of this change for the worse goes by the title G G G Gee Unit, and their absolute disregard for anything "real" when it comes to hip hop. Here are some examples.

1) they built their rep from shitting on a semirap/r&b singer who is 4 foot 2.

2) they all claim to be hardcore but blackchild stabbed 50 and is still breathing

3) 50 took out an order of protection on ja fucking rule

4) they all obviously reuse beats (with different instrumentation) and then rhymes using the same exact flow on them.

5) they got the balls to have a member who admits he hasn't rapped for more than a year but call's himself "the game"

6) they create a fake beef let the media hype it up (they were talking about it on CNN dammit) and then squash it in harlem (who from G-unit comes from Harlem? is Harlem a new niche market that G-unit has to find a wack rapper from?) to make up for the fact 50 has no street heaters on this album.

7) "If you go to radio/ we all know you fronting/"

all real "rap heads" need to go listen to Kool G Rap and Nas "fastlife" cause these g unit fools don't even know how to floss. talking bout candy shops and disco inferno those titles are weak and the songs are cornballish.

But this is just my opinion...........

R J Noriega
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