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Saturday, March 26, 2005
what is happening to hip hop media
Why in the name of god is Fat Joe on the cover of XXL with a qoute about his street cred being equal with Tupac's? I mean from the video (and his new found flow) I thought he was trying to bite off of Jay and thus from biting association automatically be biting off of Big's style (so many Sharks in the game these days makes the whole thing seem murky.) Joe needs to make his mind up, either bite Tupac (like 50) or bite Jay (like fab, cassidy, and T.I) . And there is no reason on earth Eminem should be on the cover of SCRATCH (except if like all other parts of hip hop its after that britney money) . A producer/DJ magazine should be for people who excel at it, not moon light at it.

In fact he only made some wack beats that all sounded like "till i collapse". If they wanted a white guy Alchemist is 100 times better and I hear Scott Storch is willing to do whatever for publicity (like lil kim).

Oh the source and vibe are cock riders too (I was watching CB4 today and died every time the source reporter acted like she really wasn't a groupie with a pen lol.)

man it sad when hip-hop magazines end up becoming the equvalent of PEOPLE magazine for Negroes and Latinoes. but hey on a bright note Common is dropping a CD and he has shown before that he isnt scared of the music industry. Maybe he will stop doing prince wannabe albums and put people in their place again.
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